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Our children’s book helps you teach your kids how to be smart with money...

"Thank you for your generosity in sharing this book. I read this with my 6 and 8 year old last night and it sparked a deeper thank you!"
Derek C.

Dear Parent,

Most parents don’t know that by age 3, your kids can grasp basic money concepts. By age 7, many of their money habits are already set for life.

Listen, as a parent, I know you want to be confident. You want to know your kids are building good habits they will carry with them forever.

A parent should never have to be worry about how their kids are going to turn out with handling money.

To raise your kids to become money geniuses you need the tools, lessons, and support that help you become the kind of rockstar parent every kid deserves.

The problem is, who has time for that? 

You’re already busy cooking, cleaning, feeding, laundry, reminding them 832 times a day to say please. Say thank you. Stop touching that.

And so parents of all income levels have to put in even more effort to teach kids about money. It’s crazy, right?

I get where you’re at. When my twins were four years old, I thought – uh-oh, what should I do? What is the personal finance expert going to teach his own kids?

It’s why I wrote the children’s book Money A to Z. And then turned it into a quick course for parents and teachers built with your kids in mind.

It’s the one and only thing you need for kids from Pre-K to Grade 2.

I’ve helped thousands and thousands of people build better money habits over the past seven years, and have 20 years of teaching experience.

You need someone that shares your concerns.

You need both a teacher and a parent with proven advice.

This is me (I’m the author!) with my wife and twins.

Your path to kids with better money habits is simple:

  1. Get access – we’ll ship you the book. You’ll get instant access to the course. Follow the step-by-step plan in the digital workbook.

  2. Teach – in no time, learn exactly what to say and do to teach your kids the value of a dollar starting today.

  3. Transform – watch your kids grow. Be amazed at how other parents compliment your kids on how smart they are when it comes to money.

Protect Your Kids with Money A to Z

This is going to be easy with the right guidance. The same way you’d teach your kid to tell the truth or be kind to others. Make sure they know what matters to your family when it comes to money.

The habits your child is learning now will determine how successful they value and handle money in the future.

Get access to the course right now.

And when you sign up we’ll ship the children’s book to you in the mail.

Because you don’t want to be concerned about passing good money habits along to your kids.

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Protect your kids from Money Mistakes by getting this program

With our program, your children will learn things like:

  • The ABCs of money
  • What money is and what it’s used for
  • Why earning money is important and how kids can do it too
  • Saving money and why it’s important
  • Knowing the difference between wants and needs
  • Understanding the different ways to pay for things
  • For adults – how to have conversations with children about money

…and so much more!

The Money A to Z workbook comes with discussion questions, helping parents like you have amazing conversations with their children about these rich ideas.

You owe it to your children to give them this well-rounded education that schools aren’t teaching-and the Money A to Z program makes it super easy for you.

Your can read the book to your children or they can read it on their own – and be sure to use the FREE activity workbook we provide, to reinforce these new money ideas your children will be learning.

You’ll also get the Money A to Z Course for parents and adults. This unique and exclusive training helps you further teach the money lessons your kids need to know. It’s what we all wished our parents and schools had taught us.

What Makes Our Program So Different?

The Money A to Z Program Introduces Important Ideas That Schools Don’t Teach.

The Money A to Z book challenges children to learn basic money concepts – and they love it! We explain these ideas simply, and with helpful illustrations… and we’ve been amazed at how well kids learn this stuff. Yours will, too. 

Let’s be honest – teachers are overworked, underpaid, and spend the majority of their day for what probably seems like herding cats.

Have you ever said to yourself – “I wished they taught this in school?”

Most people would be in a much better financial situation today if schools spent more time on the important stuff – like being smart with money!

But they still don’t.

Which means – the task falls to us as parents. And if you’re a bit like me – you want to raise responsible adults.

For too long, parents have lacked the confidence or been too embarrassed to communicate these concepts to their kids.

But not any longer. That problem has been solved with Money A to Z.

Here's What You Get.

For a limited time, get the program at a 35% discount!

We’ll even throw in our companion parenting guides-a $100 value-for free!

Money A to Z PRINTED Children's Book

A must-have for every child's first lessons on money. It's as important as learning their ABC's. Shipped to anywhere in the U.S.

Money A to Z PDF Workbook

Our guides are very dynamic. Instead of a parent/teacher endlessly talking about a subject, our financial lessons, using our guides, offer structure and active engagement for adults and children.

Money A to Z Course for Parents

Shows you exactly how to teach young children about money so they can start becoming little money geniuses.

Plus These Incredible FREE Bonuses

How to Raise Successful Kids (Audiobook + Workbook)

Our children are growing up with a very different world view than the one we once had. Discover today's routines, rules, and responsibilities necessary for success.

Parenting Advice Secrets (Audiobook + Workbook)

21 Days To Being A Great Parent

How to have a calmer, happier home in just 21 days

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Take back your schedule and increase your happiness with these tips for balancing work, children, children’s activities, home tasks, relationships, and time for yourself!

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We all want this. This is worth the cost alone to get kids to quit wasting their potential.

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Join Families Just Like Yours
Benefiting from Money A to Z

"Thank you Scott Alan Turner my kids have been carrying their books around for the last 24 hours! Last night in her prayer my 3 year old says, "and thank you for the book daddy gave me- it's so pretty, I like it a lot."
Joe P.
My boys are 9, 6, and 4...and all three really have enjoyed this book! It has humor and life lessons all while teaching kids about finances. We hear all the time that schools aren't teaching kids about finances and usually we're thinking middle school or high school is a good time for that. Well, the author has found a way to simply teach financial fundamentals in a fun A to Z book for even younger kids. Well done!!
Latrice C.

The Cost of NOT Getting This Program

There’s a high cost to your kids when these money concepts aren’t taught. Why? It’s quite simple: our kids end up with the same poor money habits we did.

If you’ve ever struggled with money, lived paycheck-to-paycheck, had bad credit, or been in debt (that was me) – the sad truth is your kid is much more likely to end up the same way.

Even worse, they miss out on valuable financial principles that improve their life.

The current education climate is coming to a critical tipping point, and there’s no way of knowing what’s being taught in our schools these days.

One thing is for sure…

you need to educate your children about the ideas of saving and spending today-because otherwise you’re leaving their success up to chance.

Ordering Now Gives You an Early Advantage!

There are plenty of reasons to get the Money A to Z program today:

Our children’s book is for kids age 2-6, but the magic of this content and the companion course-and our amazing bonuses-is that parents get inspired, too.

Parents who buy our programs indicate that they learned a lot, too! (Common sense isn’t always common practice…)

We cut prices and are offering you a limited-time 35% OFF discount.

"Thumbed through and read it last night--It is fantastic. It's a simply foundational and foundationally simple primer for young children to be introduced to money as a tool. I sent one copy to my daughter to start with her 4 year old."
John S.

You care about the principles of saving spending, and being smart with money. And with the Money A to Z package, you now have a way to teach these values and skills to your children.

As a dad of twins, I know how hard it is to communicate money to little kids.

For example…

How do you teach a four year old why mommy or daddy isn’t home because they are working?

How can a five-year-old girl understand saving for the future?

How can your child learn about and remember doing chores to help out?

And more than getting them to learn about the ideas… how do you get them to care about them?

As the bestselling author of 99 Minute Millionaire, host of the Financial Rock Star show, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, I’ve spent years trying to figure out simple and effective ways of teaching adults important principles about financial freedom and being able to afford their dreams.

Along the way, I came to realize something: kids can understand these ideas and start forming good habits too.

Families that used to struggle no longer live paycheck-to-paycheck.

Adults have been able to have some amazing conversations about money – even with their little children.

And the next generation – they can have a rich life with the right guidance.

So get the book and course today and watch your child develop into a money genius and be better at handling money than most adults.

How does it work?

You can read this book to your kids, or they can simply read it themselves. Once they do, they will have the financial foundation to build good money habits for a lifetime.

And with this new perspective, they will have the tools to keep from making the same mistakes most people have made.

Lessons are based on the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education. And the good news is some activities take no extra time. You can do them as part of your daily routine.

Our on-demand course, activity workbook and parent guides will enhance the process and enable you as a parent to make sure your child learns all of the many principles and concepts covered in Money A to Z.

"A great money book for small children! I bought them for Christmas presents, the parents loved it!"

You have nothing to lose.

This book and program allow you to instill in your children the values they will need to succeed with money. If you don’t teach them what schools don’t, their future is being left up to chance.

We are in a sort of war for our hard-earned money with peer pressure, advertisers, and financial pirates. It’s critical that we parents protect our children by teaching them good values and good money habits.

Those who don’t learn from the past are condemned to repeat it. Don’t let your children become a money moron like I was.

Help your children recognize how to handle money and learn how to think for themselves. Money A to Z is here to help them get started.

Limited-time 35% OFF discount
Get the entire program for only $96.99 $62.99
You will also receive ALL 4 companion bonuses for free! ($100 value)

Order now and have peace of mind with our no-hassle money-back guarantee!

Scott's Your-Kids-Will-Love-Money-A-to-Z-Or-I-Will-Refund-Your-Money-And-You-Keep-The-Book Guarantee!

Help the children in your life learn these important ideas by purchasing the printed book and online program now.

Our young readers love this material!

Worried that you’re not sure you’ll love it? No problem! The risk is all on our end. If you don’t like the book/course/program, let us know within 60 days of purchase and you can keep everything. I will immediately refund all of your money.

Yes – I’m THAT confident your family will benefit from this program. No questions asked. No hassle. And with that guarantee, there’s no reason to not get Money A to Z for your kids.

You’ve got nothing at all to lose. So give your children a foundation of financial success today!

You rock!

-Scott Alan Turner, CFP®

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